Epoxy Glass Rod(High-temperature & acid resistance)

Density(20±2℃): ≧2.1g/cm3

Water Absorption rate: ≤0.05%

HBa Hardness (side): 65HBa~75HBa

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We use state-of-the-art technology of Injection Pultrusion Process to manufacture our General acid resistance rod. The product ranges from Ø13 to Ø150.

Φ5 Φ6 Φ8 Φ9 Φ9.5 Φ10 Φ12 Φ13 Φ14 Φ15.875 Φ16 Φ16.5 Φ17 Φ17.48 Φ18 Φ19 Φ20 Φ21Φ22 Φ23.8 Φ24 Φ25 Φ26 Φ28 Φ29  Φ30 Φ30.75 Φ32 Φ34 Φ35 Φ36 Φ38 Φ38.1 Φ40 Φ42 Φ44.32 Φ45 Φ46 Φ48 Φ50 Φ50.8 Φ53 Φ55 Φ60 Φ63.5 Φ68 Φ70 Φ76.2 Φ80 Φ88 Φ90 Φ92 Φ100 Φ110 Φ120 Φ130 Φ150 Φ174 Φ180 Φ220 Φ280

How to choose a suitable epoxy glass rod?

According to the rich experience accumulated over 20 years, JWelectric suggest you can follow the factors:

a) Determine the length of the rod and using the ECR glass rod by the voltage requirements and operating environment of the insulator.

b) The mechanical requirements of the insulator are used to determine the diameter of the rod, and the requirements for the vulcanization temperature during the manufacture of the insulator are used to determine the temperature class of the rod to be selected.

c) We will communicate with customers and give a best choice of technical solutions in the field of glass fiber materials, rubber compounding and process design. Provide customers with the most reasonable price-performance products.


Visual and dimensional examinations Roundness        ≤0.02
Tolerance           -0.02mm~0.03mm (rod diameter         ≤30mm)
Tolerance ±0.03mm   (rod diameter >30mm)
No scratch and damage,depth exceeding 0.15mm,No knot and skip of yarn,Surface is smooth and no Bubble,no internal cracks  And scars
Density(20±2℃) ≧2.1g/cm3
Water Absorption rate ≤0.05%
HBa Hardness (side) 65HBa~75HBa
Tensile strength ≧1.100MPa
Bending strength ≧900MPa
Inter-laminar shear strength ≧35MPa
Torsion strength ≧800MPa
Dye penetration test ≧30min
Thermal induction (150℃±5℃,4hours) No cracking,no bubble,  No educts
Thermal Bending strength at 150℃±5℃,1hours 280MPa~350MPa   (within 5 min.)
Volume resistivity ≥1.0×1010 Ω . m (140℃)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage  (Dry) ≥100KV(10mm)
Breakdown withstand voltage ≥30kv/cm (DC)
Vibration fatigue test (0.68 times/second) 120.000 times
Glass fiber content 78-82%


a) The state-of-the-art production process(Injection pultrusion process)
b) A full-set of testing instruments assuring an first-class quality
c) A wide range of options on rod diameters. (from Ø5 to Ø150)
d) Could meet your any requirements on rod length, highly custom-tailored
e) More than 80 highly-trained staffs
f) 8,700 Sqm of workshop
g) Cost-effective prices
h) High mechanical and electrical characteristics on our rods
i) Very fast delivery.


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