Polymer Pin&linepost Insulators

Polymer Pin & line post Insulators are suitable for Substation and post transmission lines. of complex operation conditions, can effectively  prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance, because of small volume, and they are lighter products than porcelain, glass insulators.

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The products are suitable for Substation and post transmission lines. of complex operation conditions, can effectively  prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance, because of small volume, and they are lighter products than porcelain, glass insulators.

1.Polymer Insulator Character:

1) High mechanical strength;
2) Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution;
3) Excellent electrical Performance;
4) Small volume and light weight.


  1. JW polymer Insulator Character:

1) We adopt the advanced injection producing technology for housing and the design of the shed adopt unique aerodynamics principle.

2) Good Raw material :

We use HTV silicone rubber which hydrophobicity can reach to HC1 level

We use hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting ,the thickness of the zinc more than 100 μm.

We use ECR rod as the core which is high acid resistant. 7200Hr testing passed .

3) Special marking design.

We use the double seal design between the rubber and the fitting.

We can mark your logo on the fitting or rubber.

4) Excellent Manufacture Technology:

Perfect match between fitting and rod

With imported end-fitting crimping equipment,ensures the mechanical performance of the product perfectly bound between silicone rubber and the rod.

5) The unique end fitting sealing structure improves product sealing reliability.

6) The strict inspection measures and devices ensure the perfect quality of each unique product.

Product Advantages:

1.Light weight

It is small in size and in light weight, it is about 1/5 to 1/9 of the porcelain insulator in the same grade voltage, so it’s convenient for transportation and installation.

2.Good Anti-pollution

Composite insulator has a good anti-pollution performance, so it can operate safely in polluted area, it requires neither annual cleaning nor maintaining at zero.

3.High Anti-fouling property

Good aging resistance performance, strong ability of anti-pollution flashover and good electric corrosion resistance, can ensure that the internal insulation core will not be affected by moisture.

4.Strong shock resistance

Composite insulators have good brittleness resistance, strong shock resistance and there’s no brittle fracture accident. Composite insulators are interchangeable with ceramic.

5.Stable Performance

The composite insulator has high mechanical strength, reliable structure and stable performance, which provides a guarantee for the safe operation of the power lines.


Voltage 10-110 kV
 Mechanical load  3~12.5 kN
Creepage distance 450~2,900mm
Rod diameter 24~110mm
Standard IEC61952


· Warming up under high temperature
· Assembly of end fittings with reinforced fiber glass rod
· Brush coupling agent on the rod
· Injection molding of vulcanization
· Crimping fittings to the rods or Crimping fittings to the rods before injection
· Surface trimming


Substation or post transmission lines of complex operation conditions
Use in industry-specific solutions Device and plant construction.

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