Machining Epoxy Resin Rod

Density(20±2℃): ≧2.1g/cm3

Water Absorption rate: ≤0.05%

HBa Hardness (side): 65HBa~75HBa

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We can supply all kinds of insulation poles for HV switches, surge arresters, etc.

There are five types:
1.Insulation poles with thread.
2.Insulation poles crimped with metal fittings;
3.Insulation poles with silicone rubber housing and metal fittings.
4.Insulation poles with wear-resistant material housing and metal fittings.
5.Insulation poles with UV resistant protection layers.

We can design and manufacture different kinds of insulation poles according to customers’ requirements.


Visual and dimensional examinations Roundness        ≤0.02
Tolerance           -0.02mm~0.03mm (rod diameter         ≤30mm)
Tolerance ±0.03mm   (rod diameter >30mm)
No scratch and damage,depth exceeding 0.15mm,No knot and skip of yarn,Surface is smooth and no Bubble,no internal cracks  And scars
Density(20±2℃) ≧2.1g/cm3
Water Absorption rate ≤0.05%
HBa Hardness (side) 65HBa~75HBa
Tensile strength ≧1.100MPa
Bending strength ≧900MPa
Inter-laminar shear strength ≧35MPa
Torsion strength ≧800MPa
Dye penetration test ≧30min
Thermal induction (150℃±5℃,4hours) No cracking,no bubble,  No educts
Thermal Bending strength at 150℃±5℃,1hours 280MPa~350MPa   (within 5 min.)
Volume resistivity ≥1.0×1010 Ω . m (140℃)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage  (Dry) ≥100KV(10mm)
Breakdown withstand voltage ≥30kv/cm (DC)
Vibration fatigue test (0.68 times/second) 120.000 times
Glass fiber content 78-82%
pitch of screw thread (for machining rod) ≥2mm
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