Welcome PPC Insulator visit our factory

Time: 2021.04.09
PPC insulator SQE visit JWinsulators
33kV polymer insulator dimension examining

PPC Insulator, USA has sent their factory supervisor to JWinsulators on Dec. 17th, 2020 to completely verify if the company meet their demands on quality control, worker health, developing, as well as deliver and after sale services.

polymer insulator workshop
JWinsulators finished products workshop

The SQE of PPC Insulator has visited our End Fitting workshop, Polymeric insulator workshop as well as Epoxy Glass Rod workshop, checking the production processes in details at the site.

polymeric insulator front site record
33kV polymer suspension insulators
end fittings CNC machining workshop
end fittings CNC machining workshop

PPC Insulator issued a "Supplier Process General Checking Result" after finished the whole check processes. The report showing that JWInsulators is a qualified supplier and fulfilled an acceptable quality control, after sale services processes. It could be one of the reliable suppliers of PPC Insulator. We believe the cooperation between the two companies will benefit to both sides.

Company video for polymer insulators: